John Grey, host of the Ghost Channel, presents exclusive tours in locations with unprecedented paranormal sightings!

This month's haunt features the Ryokan Hiei.

Nestled into the foothills of majestic Mt. Hiei near Kyoto, this traditional ryokan (inn) has been run by the Shimizu family since the 1700s. Yet even with over 300 years of history breathing through these walls, it remained a relatively quiet paranormal site. That is, until a woman’s untimely death on the property grounds around five years ago. Since then, guests have regularly reported frightening encounters with a woman in white, her long black hair hanging down over her cloudy eyes. Her supernatural powers manifest in a variety of ways, from phantom shadows to full materialization, as she attempts to avenge the events that cut her life short. This is the ultimate destination in Japan for reliable ghost sightings and paranormal activities.