A ghost hunting expedition can turn from an exciting outing to a terrifying nightmare in the skip of a heartbeat. Without proper tools and planning, the unprepared ghost hunter is extremely vulnerable to the dangers of this world, as well as the next. From tripping over furniture because your flashlight batteries died, to missing the opportunity to document paranormal activity because your EVP recorder is lying on your table at home, the list of potential disasters that can visit a hunting expedition is long. Before heading out into the field, make sure to run through a checklist of everything you’ll need for that night.


General Tips to follow:

Explore the area in the daylight and familiarize yourself with the site and any potentially hazardous areas that may not be easily seen in the dark.

Never go into the haunted site alone.

Verify that the area is open to ghost hunters – don't trespass on private property.

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Learn about the history of the site before you arrive.

Use common sense, but follow your instincts. If you are feeling overly frightened, leave immediately.

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Have ID and a cell phone with you at all times.

Equipment to have on hand:

Flashlight and spare batteries

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Digital cameras, still and video EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recorder


Reliable watch

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Notepad and pen for taking notes

EMF (Electromagnetic Field Detector) Meters


First aid kit